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G-Anime 2014

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 3:20 PM

Cold! THE COLD OMFG! I was so cold at this con (especially since I had a 15-20 minute walk every morning and night).


My train arrived about 4:20 (roughly 10 or so minutes later than planned), and I was picked up by freedcrazyjoker and gracefulAggressor :D And Alexe, but I don't know her dA, and I don't know if she has one either Dx

We went to the Rideau Centre before heading to Mike's. While he and Alexe ate, Nick and I just derped and talked :P Because yes.

I wore my Princess Velvet cosplay. I hadn't worn her since Otakuthon 2012 and wanted the chance to wear her again. OMG it was so freaking cold walking to the con in her! For the legs. Everything else was ok, but my legs!!! AHHH COLD! The tights I had bought for her sucked. The package said they were stay up tights.... I would have needed my god damn garter to hold them up :I

Not many people really came by the table, but I did get some interested people so that's a good thing :D I was at the con mostly to promote Quinte Mini Con. I didn't have much for the table except for some small flyers. But then I also wasn't sure how big of a table I'd have, or how much space. Good thing I didn't get the poster made O_O I wouldn't have had anywhere to put it and it probably would have been destroyed over the weekend!

Mike wore his normal Dirk cosplay, with the completed Lil Cal that I made for him :)

And Becky got her Goatdad plushie and Grand Highgrub that I made for her  :D

I didn't sleep at all Friday night with helping Mike paint his shoes and trying to do his gloves for GT Dirk. Which ended up not being finished TT_TT


Got to the con late... 10:20am I finally walked into the Homestuck panel. Amazingly they had me come up anyway despite that they had pulled a Gamzee from the audience. I didn't get to do much, and just when it came time for me to be asked a question..... Nick pulled me away back to the table and I didn't go back. I just kinda said "fuck it".

Mike wasn't too happy about one thing though. When we were walking to the con a car sped up on purpose as they passed us and splashed our cosplays with slush. So his God Tier Dirk got filthy before we even got to the con :( Luckily most of it came out!

I later changed into God Tier Jake - especially after Nick brought me food :heart: FOOD!!! Pad Thai with beef yum <3

When I went back to the table from the bathroom from changing into Jake, I literally ran xD Cause I was alone! I didn't want to be alone in that xD But I was ok once with friends!

Shortly after I had Jake completely on NieRieChie arrived :D I FINALLY GOT TO MEET HER IN PERSON I WAS SO HAPPY OMG! She is such a cute Jade and we got photos together :D

Mike and I entered the masquerade in our GT Jake and Dirk! It was freezing in the green room! AAHHHH I wish I'd had PANTS! I really wish I'd worn my Gamzee pants for while waiting xD Cause OMG it was freezing in there. Our judge was NailoSyanodel which actually made me laugh since she's my friend xD Darn you woman why were you trying to say I was Master? NO! I am Artisan silly girl XD

We tried miming out our original skit idea... but eh xD For last minute idea we did ok as far as we're concerned.

Saturday night there was pizza with bacon! OMG meat lovers pizza! :heart: I love it so much.


I wore my fem Kurloz this day :D I painted Mike's face grey, but he got sick from the makeup.... and had to wash it off. I didn't mind. I was worried when he said that body painting caused this :(

Nick cosplayed with me this day :D He was my male Meulin and he was Kawaii as hell~ :heart: OMG He was adorabull!!!!

Not much to say about this day, but I'm just glad Mike and I didn't win anything in the masquerade xD And it had the best ending ever cause I was with Mike, Nick and Edita and OMG the derp and lol and and omg xD Those will stay between me and my beloved friends :heart:

I MISS YOU ALL ALREADY TT-TT And thank you again Mike for letting me stay with you for the weekend!

Awesome people I got to see:
:iconnefercosplay::iconnailosyanodel::iconnieriechie::iconfreedcrazyjoker::icongracefulaggressor::iconaoifasd: and more... I'M SORRY I DON'T KNOW WHO ALL HAS DA AND I'M TIRED

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NieRieChie Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Student Artist
I was so excited to meet you too! Finally!! And you were such an adorable Jake. Very huggable. :3

Also, NailoSyanodel was there? Sad I didn't get to say hi to her again then :c
Midnight-Dance-Angel Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
^^ Everyone tells me this! Why am I so huggable? XD And apparently adorable?

Yes! She was one of the judges for the masquerade :) I can't believe I met her in 2009 - and then she and I started doing masquerades at the same time :)
NieRieChie Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Student Artist
Not sure, but you certainly are. ^^

Well that's a great way to meet a person hehe. I have yet to even participate in a masquerade, though I've been meaning to since 2012. Oops~
Midnight-Dance-Angel Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
You should get on that xD
NieRieChie Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Student Artist
I mean to XD
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